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How to make money from blogging

I remember the first blog post I wrote.  I pressed publish and thought: “Right! Now I need to get brands to notice me and I’ll make a small fortune off this blog!” Wrong. Ask any experienced blogger, and they’ll tell you that it took them years of hard work and dedication before the money started... Share| [more]

Functioning vs thriving – an update

I have to be honest, the past six months have been a bit of a blur.  After moving myself and my children out of our family home of 7 years, I was waking up every day, putting one foot in front of the other and getting by; I was merely functioning. Something had to change... Share| [more]

How to stay organised as a working mum

As a single, working mum to two busy kids, I HAVE to stay organised.  Without my almost OCD tendencies, things become somewhat chaotic and the kids feel it even more than I do. The house begins to fall apart and the stress levels rise. In a strange way, I’m lucky that I get every second... Share| [more]

Only in your sleep

As I lean in to kiss your cheek, you turn away.  You shy away from touch and hate to be kissed by anyone.  But that’s only when you’re awake.     Peacefully, you sleep.  I wait for the moment when your breathing is more regular and the Sandman has swept you off to the land... Share| [more]