I’m a work-at-home-mum with four businesses.

I can cook the world’s most amazing meals but cannot for the life of me boil rice.

My two children are the most amazing people I’ve ever met.

Writing is my passion, but digital marketing brings in the bacon.

My husband thought that blogging was a fanciful pastime until he saw that Julie Rafter did it.  True story.

Give me a G&T and I’m yours.

I’ve lived in so many different cities around the world, but my current location makes my heart sing.

If motorsport is on the tv, I’ll probably be watching.  Closet revhead.

I’m terrified of spiders and jeggings.

I hate cleaning with a passion, but built a B&B which means an extra house to clean.  No, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

Carrot cake is so much better than chocolate cake.

I died and was resuscitated when I was 12 after a snow skiing accident.  Yet I still encourage my kids to ski.

I often cry reading blogs, watching the news or a movie.  Yet never cry in real-life situations.

I love my sister more than she’ll ever know.

One day I’ll love myself, but not yet.

Nothing makes me happier than to see a fellow WAHM succeed.

The first word out of my sons mouth was tickle.  Not mum.  That was his 4th.

I’m not bitter about that.  Honest.


My name is Kim Abbate and I write this blog from the lovely regional town of Bright Victoria.  I love working with brands so please contact me at: info@workingwomenaustralia.com.au

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