Is The World Discriminative of Short People?


After traveling to certain countries during our vagabonding adventures and experiencing different cultures, I’ve come to realise that in many places throughout the world a person can be treated far differently if they are considered “tall” by the local people.

This opened my eyes to the world’s view on “shortness” which made me realise that this may of thinking is actually everywhere.

Although we have little control over much of our looks, the media and pop culture have necessitated that people come up with ways to measure up to the expected physical standards, including not being short.

Now it is no secret that many people prefer to be tall rather than short. Shortness apparently has been related to genes causing illnesses and even malnutrition which might give someone the idea that you are poor?

Perhaps this is where our stigma comes from – our ancestors?

As I dived into this further I found that it is this obsession that has caused an upsurge in the demand for height growth hormones and supplements such as the one I found at

After reading about Growth Factor Plus and and the promised benefits of this height growth supplement it’s no wonder people are flocking to grab it for themselves in the hopes it will enable them to rid themselves of the title of being “short”.

It’s sad to think that some of the consumers of these height growth hormones and drugs are actually children. When children, especially boys, do not attain the socially “required” height in time, some parents tend to become worried and thus attempt to boost their child’s height using artificial methods.

Withania sominifera also known as Ashwaganda is the most widely used drug for height growth. There also others like Piper Longum and Termialia Chebula all which have been on increasing demand all over the world. Most of these drugs are extracted from herbs grown majorly in India and also China, they have created big business for very many people there and it is expanding to online businesses too.

If you’re thinking of taking height growth supplements for yourself it should be noted that many medical professionals do not recommend artificial supplements for height boosting methods as some of the drugs and height growth hormones may have bad effects on a person’s health.

It is recommended that one uses natural methods like good nutrition and exercise. The internet is also full of online business ads on such products, buyers should beware of such and first consult a medical professional before purchasing.

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