Get Ahead Like the Guys With Four More Tips

Get Ahead Like the Guys With Four More TipsFeeling like there are tons of ways that the guys at work use to get ahead and climb the ladder?

Ways that you don’t have access to or wouldn’t be allowed to use just because you’re a woman?

Guess what? There are many ways to bend their ideas to your use, it just needs a little creativity! Here are four more things theĀ  men in the office do. And the ways you can make them work for you.

You’re not a sales type so don’t worry about it

Seriously. You don’t need to be aggressive to be effective. You do need to be a good communicator.

Listen to your customer or client, provide clear information and use good judgement to know when you may need to step back and try another day.

No one wants a pushy salesperson and by being the one who listens carefully, you move yourself ahead of the pack.

Network like crazy

Most guys go to the club, play golf and have a drink after work for a reason. And it’s not one you may think of. A lot of deals go down in these venues. Don’t worry, you don’t need to do these.

There are other ways.

Go to trade shows and events to mix with others in your industry. Meet other business owners and community leaders in your city. And most importantly, ask how you can help. Don’t try to make a sale. Yet.

One of the main things you want to do is to create relationships before you need them. Meet the councilperson in your district, go to lunch with the business owner next door. Grab coffee with the vendor at the show.

They’re more likely to help if they already know and trust you.

Believe in yourself

This really does affect how others see you and whether they believe in and feel confident in you. Fear and feelings of inadequacy in women in business is common. But really believing you can do the job is a first step in convincing the world. It DOES work for the guys, so do it too.

Stop the stress

There are many ways to battle stress and stay focused on the job. Regular exercise will help fight stress as well as improve overall health. The brain releases a number of chemicals during exercise that can substantially alter mood.

Fix your posture. Body language makes you more confident but it also helps fight stress. A simple power pose before doing something stressful can help. See the link below for a great TedX talk by psychologist Amy Cuddy to learn more.

A brain supplement or nootropic like Lumonol can help. It can also help enhance focus, increase concentration and clear up the brain fog. You can tackle several cognitive problems at once. The best part? It’s a cumulative effect. So it stays and grows stronger as you take Lumonol.