Top 5 Interview Tips To Help You Land The Perfect Job

So, you are gearing up for that all important interview….

The nerves are kicking in, you might even have sweaty palms.

Don’t fret…I’m here to share with you some awesome interview tips that can help you land your perfect job.

Let’s get into it….


The first thing you want to do is a Google search to learn as much as you can about the company or person that you will be interviewing with.  Get your facts inline and know as much as you can about the position you are applying for and/or any position that you may want to grow into over time.  The more knowledge you have about them, the better.

Prepare Responses to the Most Common Interview Questions

There is a standard list of questions that most people will ask you during an interview.  Write down your responses to them and study them well.  Make sure you are not caught off guard and ensure you are confident when you are answering them during your interview.  Within your responses be sure to identify the following:

  •       Your Strengths
  •       Leadership Capabilities
  •       Willingness to learn new things
  •       Your Contributions or Volunteering experience to other organizations

Be Prepared

You must remember to bring the following with you to your interview:

  •       Extra copies of your resume and list of references
  •       Copies of any letters of recommendation, licenses you may hold
  •       Portfolio or samples of your work (if applicable)
  •       Arrive 10-15 minutes early
  •       Turn off your cell phone
  •       Dress appropriately

Dress for the Job

How you look is almost as important as how you answer your interview questions.  Make sure you have a professional appearance.  Try to dress as you would if you were coming to work in the office.

Be Yourself

Don’t change who you are just to land a job.  It’s very important that you maintain your identity when you are in your interview.  If you try to pretend you are someone else, it would be very hard to maintain that should you get hired.  Be polite, but most of all relax.  You’ve got this.