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Surviving as a single mum

Life as a single parent

Sponsored post for Origin Energy   I’ve been riding the single-mum train for a little over a year.  It’s definitely been a roller coaster with some serious highs and lows, but overall it’s working pretty well for my little family.  It’s peaceful and there are certainly more highs than lows. It wasn’t a decision I…

Greek meatball recipe

Stovetop Greek meatballs with feta

Sponsored by Origin Energy I just can’t help myself – I’m a serial-recipe-changer.  You too?  I read a recipe and can’t help but add (or subtract) an ingredient, or change the order of the instructions.  Every. Single. Time.  It’s nothing to do with the recipe itself, it’s more of a bad habit.  I simply can’t…

How to stay organised as a working mum


As a single, working mum to two busy kids, I HAVE to stay organised.  Without my almost OCD tendencies, things become somewhat chaotic and the kids feel it even more than I do. The house begins to fall apart and the stress levels rise. In a strange way, I’m lucky that I get every second…

No tv. Can we do it?

no tv

Since moving house a couple of weeks ago, we’ve had no tv.  Yes, that’s right, we survived 2 weeks without a working tv.  Even the kids have managed to keep on breathing without one. Shocking, I know! So I think I may be completely insane, but I’m considering keeping this going. You see, the tv…

How are you? No, really?

Make someone feel good today

I dropped by to see Dr X this morning to get the results of my blood test from my Heart Health checkup.  I must admit, I was pretty nervous but it seems there’s not too much to worry about.  I do need to adopt a more healthy eating pattern, but I knew that so it’s…

Sometimes it’s not much fun being a grown up

enjoy your youth

When I was in primary school, I remember thinking; I can’t wait until I’m a teenager so I can stay up late. When I was a teenager I remember thinking; I can’t wait until I can go to the pub with all the ‘big’ kids. When I was 18 I remember thinking; I can’t wait…

A digital detox: do you need one?

digital detox box

One of my businesses is a little holiday cottage in my town of Bright Victoria. Today I’m over at my other blog talking about a new offering: the digital detox! See what it’s all about by clicking this link: Digital Detox in Bright Victoria

Ways to save time on beauty! Guest post at Styling You

Time saving beauty products

Today I’m over at Styling You talking about 5 beauty products that save me time.  Come on over and have a chat.  I’m so excited to be writing for the lovely Nikki while she’s away.   Click here to see the post  

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