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How to stay organised as a working mum


As a single, working mum to two busy kids, I HAVE to stay organised.  Without my almost OCD tendencies, things become somewhat chaotic and the kids feel it even more than I do. The house begins to fall apart and the stress levels rise. In a strange way, I’m lucky that I get every second…

No tv. Can we do it?

no tv

Since moving house a couple of weeks ago, we’ve had no tv.  Yes, that’s right, we survived 2 weeks without a working tv.  Even the kids have managed to keep on breathing without one. Shocking, I know! So I think I may be completely insane, but I’m considering keeping this going. You see, the tv…

How are you? No, really?

Make someone feel good today

I dropped by to see Dr X this morning to get the results of my blood test from my Heart Health checkup.  I must admit, I was pretty nervous but it seems there’s not too much to worry about.  I do need to adopt a more healthy eating pattern, but I knew that so it’s…

Sometimes it’s not much fun being a grown up

enjoy your youth

When I was in primary school, I remember thinking; I can’t wait until I’m a teenager so I can stay up late. When I was a teenager I remember thinking; I can’t wait until I can go to the pub with all the ‘big’ kids. When I was 18 I remember thinking; I can’t wait…

A digital detox: do you need one?

digital detox box

One of my businesses is a little holiday cottage in my town of Bright Victoria. Today I’m over at my other blog talking about a new offering: the digital detox! See what it’s all about by clicking this link: Digital Detox in Bright Victoria

Ways to save time on beauty! Guest post at Styling You

Time saving beauty products

Today I’m over at Styling You talking about 5 beauty products that save me time.  Come on over and have a chat.  I’m so excited to be writing for the lovely Nikki while she’s away.   Click here to see the post  

Home storage and organisation

Bel angelle

People often ask me: ‘how do you do it?’ talking about work, home, family etc etc.  Well, the truth is I often don’t achieve everything I need or want to, but my number one tip for time management is to be organised. The more organised I am, the more I achieve.  True story. Over the…

My life is like a game: a metaphor

life is complicated copy

Sometimes I’ll work on something and get really frustrated with how things are turning out, so I take myself away from the computer and sit with my phone.  I’ll play a silly game and come back refocused after letting my mind wander to the numbing world of solitaire. There are times when I can’t get…

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