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Greek meatball recipe

Stovetop Greek meatballs with feta

Sponsored by Origin Energy I just can’t help myself – I’m a serial-recipe-changer.  You too?  I read a recipe and can’t help but add (or subtract) an ingredient, or change the order of the instructions.  Every. Single. Time.  It’s nothing to do with the recipe itself, it’s more of a bad habit.  I simply can’t…

How to stay organised as a working mum


As a single, working mum to two busy kids, I HAVE to stay organised.  Without my almost OCD tendencies, things become somewhat chaotic and the kids feel it even more than I do. The house begins to fall apart and the stress levels rise. In a strange way, I’m lucky that I get every second…

Chocolate chip shortbread

chocolate chip shortbread 1

It’s the lead up to Christmas.  IT IS!   Whether or not you want to think about that yet, the reality is that the decorations are starting to creep into the shops, the carols are on the radio and the letters to santa are carefully being constructed. When it comes to teachers and carers, I…

Sugar-free chocolate mousse in teacups

Melt 240g of sugar free chocolate (in the health food section of your supermarket) until there are no lumps.  Fold tother with the cream and palce in teacups.  Refrigerate for at least 1 hr.

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with pretty teacups.  Just recently I was making candles in them, now it’s sugar-free chocolate mousse.  Oh yes, it’s sugar-free, but amazing!  Trust me! On Saturday night, I invited on of my dearest friends over to celebrate her upcoming birthday.  It was a few days early, but I knew…

Toblerone Chocolate Mousse recipe

Spoon mousse into glasses and chill for a couple of hours.  Miss8 also sprinkled a peppermint crisp bar over the top

On Sunday night, my Miss8 made this amazing Toblerone Chocolate Mousse recipe that my sister found.  There is nothing healthy about it.  It does not cover the 5 food groups.   However, it is DIVINE!         Enjoy!  The recipe was a combination of the easiest Toblerone chocolate mousse recipes we could find….

Gluten Free Orange Torte Recipe

Villa Gusto Gluten Free Orange Torte mix copy

Last week I was lucky enough to interview an award-winning chef fresh from the Good Food Guide ceremony.  Here in the North East of Victoria we have some amazing restaurants and many of them walked away with prestigious acknowledgment from the Good Food Guide awards. I sat down with Chef Emma Handley and owner Colin…

The world’s easiest dessert that will wow your friends and family!

mixed berry tart

Often on a Saturday afternoon we have no plans for the evening ahead.  We’re sitting around in our ‘finest’ tracksuits by the fire, or lounging in the backyard watching the kids play. Then all of a sudden a phone call will change all of that! We have a group of friends who catch up regularly…

Lemongrass and ginger scented chicken slow cooker recipe

This is how I bruise the lemongrass with the back of the knife.  It releases more flavour

I love this recipe for several reasons.  The first is that it’s DELICIOUS!  The whole family will eat this one, so that’s always a winner in my mind. The second is that it is easy peasy.  There’s no way to mess this one up. The third is that on a busy work day, this one…

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